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Crown- and Bridgework

Coras e pontes

Do you want high-quality and durable dentures? Then Hera products from Kulzer really are your only choice. With more than 160 years in crown and bridgework, Kulzer is the leading supplier in this field.

We offer the complete range for your C & B restorations, including alloys, precision attachments, electroforming products, investment materials and even casting machines and materials for casting finishing. Every link of the restoration process chain incorporates the combination of experience, competence, trust, innovation, quality, reproducible precision and success – seven good reasons for selecting Hera products and fabricating your own high-quality restorations in the laboratory.

Products according to product groups:

Equipamentos para Fundição e acessórios

Nossa máquina de fundiçãos de alta qualidade garante resultados controlados de fundições para todas as indicações.